The Home Front in East Dunbartonshire 1939-1945


Teacher comments

'Excellent range of resources, very well displayed.  The pupils loved the Anderson shelter.  The role play clothes proved to be very popular and most of the pupils completed the task sheets with no difficulty.  The street party, which was organised to consolidate the experience, went down very well and the pensioners that came along were very interesting to talk to.  The pupils really enjoyed the whole experience'

Primary 5 class teacher of a participating school

Pupil comments

'The most interesting bit was when people told you their stories of evacuation and different things.'
Primary 5 pupil

'I liked the Anderson shelter the best and I learned lots of interesting things.'
Primary 5 pupil

'We liked all of the sections because they were all great'
Group of Primary 5 pupils

'I would like to take part in this type of exhibition in the future because I learned a lot and the people were so nice.  I enjoyed myself very much'
Primary 5 pupil

'I didn't like the rationing section, as I didn't like weighing and sewing.  Also only the girls got to dress up'
Primary 5 pupil

Home Front in East Dunbartonshire 1939-1945

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